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Issue #108 β€” Passion communities are flourishing

This week we've got an interesting success story, why newsletters are surging, some free resources for publishers from Google, a webinar about being an independent journalist and more. We hope you enjoy this issue! πŸ’― Top picksNathan Tankus's newsletter subscribers don’t care about diplomasWith 450 subscribers generating $45,000 in

Issue #107 β€” Newsletters are the new homepage

This week's issue includes stories about the continued rise of email newsletters and subscriptions in publishing, as well as a guide about choosing the right analytics tools and much more! πŸ’― Top picksPublishers are seeing revenue bumps of up to 103% from email newsletters: β€œIt is the new homepage”A new

Issue #106 β€” How to forego venture capital with the membership model

Enjoy your regularly scheduled Sunday reading & listening with all of the top stories in publishing. There's articles covering how to address reader fatigue, content marketing tips, new podcast advertising tech, a new social network from Google and more! As always, hit reply to chat – tell us what you want

Issue #105 β€” The resurgence and importance of email newsletters

This week's issue is full of interesting reads about the importance of email, why people pay for online news, the latest reports and why publishers need to improve the personality of their digital products. Enjoy! By the way: We've made a few changes around here. All issues of Publisher Weekly

Issue #104 β€” How the internet has changed everything

Tune in for this week's curation of articles, including studies about how publishers are fine-tuning their paywalls, a round up of subscription growth from the past 3 months from a new Zuora report and why publishers are fearful of Amazon commission cuts. Enjoy! πŸ’― Top picksNever-ending Niches by Ben ThompsonThis week's

Issue #103 β€” Fighting churn with data

This weeks top stories in publishing includes discussions about how journalists are navigating protests, a podcast about what brands can learn from big publishers and examples of publishers who are successfully reducing churn. πŸ’― Top picks3 lessons from the latest news media innovation winnersReal life examples of success from a variety

Issue #102 β€” Free tools to upgrade your membership analytics

This week's curated list of the most important stories in publishing is short and sweet. Make sure you don't miss the top pick with great advice about analytics for membership businesses. πŸ’― Top picksUpgrade your analytics and build a data-powered membership programHow do you inform data-driven decisions for your membership business?

Issue #101 β€” Using data for effective subscription marketing

Welcome, Sunday subscribers and thanks for joining to all of our newcomers this past week.

Issue #100 β€” The importance of diverse revenue streams

Welcome to the 100th issue of Publisher Weekly! πŸŽ‰

Issue #99 β€” 8 steps to strengthen your newsletter strategy

Welcome to the latest roundup of the biggest stories about independent publishing.

Issue #98 β€” Huge growth in subscriptions for digital news and media

Hi and welcome to all the newest subscribers. We’re seeing lots of new people joining these past few weeks πŸ™Œ

Issue #97 β€” Designing a platform for indie writers who want to monetise their content

Welcome to our new subscribers this week - thanks for joining the community. Hope you enjoy this weeks curation of the most important stories in independent publishing.

Issue #96 β€” What you can learn from the top 8 paywall models

Welcome to our newest subscribers πŸ‘‹πŸΌ This weeks issue is packed full of interesting stories about revenue models, YouTubers and booming subscription rates during a global crisis. It was difficult to feature just one article as a top pick!

Issue #95 β€” Member-driven organisations are learning how to adapt

Hello friends! We’re back with another issue of the most important stories, research and ideas for independent publishers.

Issue #94 β€” Subscription economy has grown by 321%

Hope everyone is staying safe and finding productive ways to spend their time indoors!

Issue #93 β€” Coronavirus has shown us that the news industry needs to change

Welcome to our new subscribers πŸ‘‹πŸΌAs we navigate these unprecedented times, we’ve considered whether we should pause this newsletter for a while.

Issue #92 β€” Major news publishers take down paywalls during times of crisis

This weeks issue covers how publishers are handling coronavirus coverage, alongside your regular weekly roundup of stories about business models, tech & journalism.

Issue #91 β€” Subscription strategies for publishers

Welcome back to your weekly roundup of the most important stories in independent publishing!

Issue #90 β€” Launching a membership program

This issue is full of actionable insights for membership businesses, including how to improve your calls to action and user retention!

Issue #89 β€” Patreon vs your own indie website

Welcome to the 89th issue of this newsletter - thanks for all of your support so far! Business as usual this week, with the latest stories about independent publishing, technology and modern journalism.

Issue #88 β€” The creators guide to membership sites

Welcome back & a warm welcome to 30+ new subscribers. Enjoy this weeks curation of stories for independent publishers about reader revenue, subscriptions and email newsletters.

Issue #87 β€” How to create a premium newsletter

A warm welcome to our latest subscribers (almost 1,000 now) – and a huge thank you to those of you who have been tweeting about Publisher Weekly, we’re grateful for your words of kindness ❀️

Issue #86 β€” How to run a sustainable membership program

Happy Sunday! This week’s issue of your latest updates in publishing is a particularly good one so make sure you grab a drink and a comfortable seat before diving in.

Issue #85 β€” Find out if you're ready for memberships

It’s February already, and between reading the news about Brexit and Coronavirus, we’ve pulled out the top stories and ideas in publishing for your reliable weekly roundup.

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Anders NorΓ©n
Received a good first issue of the Publisher Weekly newsletter from @TryGhost to read with my morning coffee. I recommend you give it a try:
5:07 AM - 4 Jun 2018
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Andy McIlwain
Publisher Weekly - Issue #29… via @revue (Further props to @TryGhost for the newsletter. 90% of the curated stories make their way into my Pocket list. πŸ‘)
5:42 PM - 16 Dec 2018 from Toronto, Ontario
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Jijo Sunny
Thanks for the votes! I recommend this newsletter by @TryGhost (@JohnONolan) for thoughtful takes on publishing, subscription biz and future of creators:
4:38 PM - 8 Jul 2018
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