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Issue #50 — Paywall blockers & what publishers should do to prepare for changing technology

Happy Sunday and welcome to the 50th issue of Publisher Weekly – with the most important stories and ideas about independent publishing delivered to your inbox every week.Here’s your latest insights for the future of digital publishing! 💯 Top picksPaywall blockers: how publishers should prepare for this changing technologyAs subscription

Issue #49 — Bootstrapping a media company gives you focus

Welcome back to Publisher Weekly and thanks for being a subscriber. We enjoy consuming all of the latest stories and handpicking them for this newsletter, with a focus on emerging business models in the media and publishing. Let us know what you're enjoying and what you'd like to see more

Issue #48 — We launched a paywall. It worked! Mostly.

Happy Sunday and welcome back to your roundup of the most important stories in digital publishing. There’s been lots of interesting things going on (again) including controversy at The Correspondent, how writers are leveraging paid newsletters - and as always - the latest insights & news about paywalls and

Issue #47 — How small businesses can regain power via the internet

It feels like we say this every week… but it’s been a pretty exciting week in the publishing news. From big shifts in podcasting subscriptions the launch of Luminary, to more hot takes about how to utilise data to improve journalism, and a new paywall idea for Patron-funded subscriptions.

Issue #46 — The winners and losers of the subscription frenzy

Hey readers 👋 happy Easter Sunday! Here's your round-up of stories in publishing that are worth a click, including a new membership offering from HuffPost, new grants for news startups and what journalism will do when we have 5G connectivity. Enjoy!Get in touch – We'd love to hear from you if

Issue #45 — 23 videos from the International Journalism Festival 2019

Happy Sunday and welcome to our new subscribers! It’s been a busy week, with Reuters Institute releasing hours of footage from the International Journalism Festival, discussions about “subscription hostages”, the urgent need for slower news and YouTube making moves towards more traditional content. Stay ahead with the latest news

Issue #44 — Lifetime membership value: What is participation worth & how should we measure it?

Welcome to issue #44 with your weekly top stories in publishing. This week we’re diving into lifetime value for memberships, audience engagement, evergreen newsletters and much more.We hope you’re enjoying this newsletter as much as we enjoy curating it — hit reply to let us know what you’

Issue #43 — The week when Apple announced new subscription services

Welcome back to your weekly roundup of publishing news. This past week was pretty exciting, after an Apple announcement with a twist on Monday left us with plenty of articles circulating about their big push into subscription business models. We’ve included a roundup of those stories, as well as

Issue #42 — New subscription publications & lessons from Scandinavian publishers

Happy Sunday to all our subscribers and welcome to those of you who are new around here 👋 In this weeks roundup of the biggest stories in digital publishing we’re weighing in on subscription fatigue, local and community news, video strategy and whether calendars could be the next great publishing

Issue #41 — Are you developing your paywall strategy for acquisition or retention?

A warm welcome to this weeks curated report of the top stories in publishing. In this issue we’re taking a look at a variety of different paywall strategies, thoughts from industry leaders about the difficulties they’re currently facing, how to measure success without focusing on vanity metrics such

Issue #40 — Industry experts weigh in on new business models for journalism

Welcome back to your weekly digest of the latest news in publishing. This week we’re taking a look at how dynamic paywalls have increased subscription conversation rates, how to diversify your business models, new jobs in the media at WSJ and that time BuzzFeed printed a newspaper!Want to

Issue #39 — 500k to 80m readers in one year, how Forbes transformed The Memo

A big welcome to our new subscribers from Product Hunt ❤️ICYMI: we announced Publisher Weekly with a brand new siteand a handpicked collection of resources for building and running a publishing business.It’s March already and it’s been a busy year so far in the world of digital

Issue #38 — Subscriptions, subsidies, and pressure on platforms in 2019

We're back with the past week's roundup of the most important stories about publishing, journalism and the media. Welcome to our newest subscribers – you're joining a discerning group of people who are interested in the future of publishing. We're all in this together!This week we've got plenty of articles

Issue #37 — Apple are launching a subscription for news service

It’s been another busy week in the publishing news, with the latest stories about business models including resistance to Apple’s plans to launch a subscription news service, interesting insights from more publishers who are actively growing memberships and a new take on hyper-local news. Enjoy!Want to submit

Issue #36 — Can emerging business models save all digital media?

Welcome back to issue #36 of Publisher Weekly! This week we’ve got some research-driven takeaways about how to drive retention in subscription media, thoughts on whether emerging business models can save media companies, some exciting announcements from the podcast industry, as well as what the future holds for outlets

Issue #35 — The internet is killing (internet) journalism

This weeks issue of the latest news in publishing brings you stories about an upcoming magazine subscription service from Apple, a historical take on why there have been so many layoffs in digital media and an insight into the biggest complaint from subscribers: when a news site won’t keep

Issue #34 — That week with the mass layoffs :(

It’s been a tough week in media, with hundreds of reporters being laid off and media investment cuts. You can catch up with the most important highlights in this weeks issue. Also included: Patreon just keeps growing, more and more publishers are planning paywalls and email is more important

Issue #33 — No, tech companies shouldn't fund journalism

Welcome to this weeks news in publishing. In this issue there’s a great round up of interesting articles, twitter threads as well as a new free resource for building successful email newsletters!Enjoy 👉💯 Top picksHow The Correspondent exceeded its $2.5 million crowdfunding goalThe English-language expansion of the Dutch

Issue #32 — Customer satisfaction in the news

Running a little late, this week’s issue contains insights from consumers about paying for content, learnings about customer satisfaction in the news and a compelling story about why you should ditch the concept of ‘inbox zero’. Got any feedback or suggestions for this weekly digest in 2019? Reply to

Issue #31 — AI for reporters and email newsletter benchmarking tools

Welcome back to Publisher Weekly and the first issue of 2019. This week’s edition includes articles about boosting subscriptions with editorial content, the future of AI and technology in reporting and a new tool for benchmarking your email newsletter.Enjoy!💯 Top picks6 Lessons for publishers in the New YearTwipe

Issue #30 — Tips for your 2019 strategy!

Welcome to issue #30 of Publisher Weekly and the final edition of the year. 2019 promises big changes in the publishing landscape, and we’re excited to share the highlights with you each week.Thanks for reading and supporting, see you next year! 🎉💯 Top picksTop 10 INMA articles from 2018

Issue #29 — Predictions for journalism in 2019

Hey 👋 As we’re winding down for the festive season there’s lots of interesting stories to share from the publishing news including industry predictions for 2019 and how to tap into the expertise of your readers!FYI we’ll take a break next week and return with a special

Issue #28 — You should get rid of content no one reads

Hey there - hope you’ve had a great week. Here’s your weekly roundup of publisher news, including tips for how to retain subscribers, inspirational stories, industry reports and what happened when Tumblr decided to ban all adult content 🗞️💯 Top picksYou should get rid of the content no one

Issue #27 — Business model ideas inspired by Patreon

👋 Welcome to the 27th issue of Publisher Weekly – your trusted roundup of the latest news in publishing. This edition is packed with insights about business models, including ideas for different membership models, subscription growth stories, and how keep readers engaged.Enjoy!💯 Top picksBuzzFeed News announced an exclusive membership for $5

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Publisher Weekly - Issue #29… via @revue (Further props to @TryGhost for the newsletter. 90% of the curated stories make their way into my Pocket list. 👍)
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