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Issue #133 — The year of the subscription (again)

Newsflash, it is the year of the subscription. Wait, wasn't that last year too? Either way, that's what everyone is talking about this week after Reuter's published their latest report. Plus: Find out how to get 10k subscribers in a month, how to use exclusive stories to drive growth and

Issue #132 — New models for media in 2021

Happy New Year! We're kicking off your regularly scheduled curation of publishing news today. It's the first working week of the year, so in this round-up you can expect lots of 2021 predictions and strategy highlights. Plus: useful tips for SEO & affiliate marketing. Enjoy! 💯 Top picks10 things public media

Issue #131 — The movement for open subscription platforms

The final newsletter of 2020 includes a new movement for open subscription platforms, Rafat Ali writes about the importance owning your stack — plus, more roundup articles about 2020 and predictions for next year! We're taking a short break for a few weeks and we'll return in 2021 for your regular

Issue #130 — A glance back at the year we will all remember

It's here, you knew it was coming — the time of year when everyone does a roundup of the past year and predictions for the year that follows. There's a lot to unpack, so we'll be sharing the highlights in the next couple of newsletters. How has this year impacted your

Issue #129 — Enter the multi-SKU creator

The big question in this issue: Should writers create more than one product? Having multiple revenue streams is definitely attractive, but is it better to double-down your efforts, or create multiple products? Let us know your thoughts. 💯 Top picksWhy a paid newsletter won't be enough money for most writersEven if

Issue #128 — Optimising the subscription lifecycle

After speaking to people who create content professionally — we kept hearing that it would be beneficial to have a place to share ideas, tips and stories about running email newsletters, and building content-based businesses. So, we recently launched a brand new community for exactly that and there's already some great

Issue #127 — How to grow a newsletter & join the rise of the media artisan

There were lots of great pickings for this week's round up. Hopefully it provides a relaxed and productive way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Penny for your thoughts? Which articles do you find the most useful? We'd love to hear your feedback. Admittedly there won't be an exchange of pennies,

Issue #126 — There's never been a better time to transform publishing

It's Sunday again, which means it's time for your weekly dose of the best reads about publishing. Included: a free ebook, how Morning Brew grow their subscribers, how to create extraordinary podcasts and more. Plese enjoy, feel free to share, and hit reply to chat with us! 💯 Top picksPublishers can

Issue #125 — How to stand out

Since many of us have internet and news fatigue this week, this issue is a little shorter than usual. There's some great reads in here though, we hope you find them interesting! 💯 Top picks[Thread] Lessons from subscribing to 50+ newslettersThis Twitter use signed up for more than 50 newsletters

Issue #124 — Developing a better (content) product

The top stories this week are about the benefits of treating your content business as a product. Plus: Ads are appearing on Substack, the industry is adjusting to the changes of 2020, and mistakes to avoid in mobile publishing. Enjoy! 💯 Top picksContent is product and product is content: Why deeper

Issue #123 — Paid is the new normal

This week's issue has so many interesting ideas, podcasts and tools that we're excited to share with you. We don't even want to ruin the surprise with a summary. Enjoy and see you at the same time next week! Enjoying this newsletter? Share with a friend, on Twitter or hit

Issue #122 — Making a living from a newsletter

In this week's issue you can read about why the rise of content is upon us and how chasing scale at all costs is no longer the way forward. A little update from us — in the past 10 weeks alone, Ghost has made more than $140,000 for independent publishers

Issue #121 — Making money on YouTube

Your weekly curated publishing news this week includes a breakdown of how the top tech channel on YouTube makes money, tips for running newsletters of any kind, and find out how a publisher has reduced their churn rate to 1%. Enjoy, feel free share with your friends, and see you

Issue #120 — Should newsletters offer more?

While one podcast publication is having success with increasing their newsletter frequency, other critics are arguing less is more. Plus: Thoughts on what business model you should use, the 2020 digital news report has landed, some tips for how to make your content easier to read and more. Enjoy 🤗 💯 Top

Issue #119 — The high privacy cost of free websites & notes on membership

This week: More ideas about membership, more journalists carving their own path and more tips about building community and growing your newsletter. Enjoy this weeks reading/listening and feel free to forward to a friend! 💯 Top picksNotes on membershipLast week the Membership Puzzle Project shared a new guide on memberships.

Issue #118 — 3 years of membership research in one place

In this week's roundup you'll find examples of publishers exceeding subscriber numbers, a podcast about growing your newsletter as well as tips for how to write almost anything and how to setup successful paid campaigns. Enjoy your Sunday reading! 💯 Top picksThe Membership Handbook is hereThe Membership Puzzle Project have released

Issue #117 — Don't forget about community

‌ The latest stories, updates, and ideas for independent publishers, delivered every Sunday 📫     ‌ Happy weekend and thanks for stopping by. In this week's issue, you can discover how to harness social media for your publication, how to build a community to sustain recurring revenue, and find out why the publishing industry

Issue #116 — Solo writers share their secrets

Happy Sunday everyone — if you're new here, welcome! This week we've got a new article on the Ghost blog, insights about pricing strategies and building a business, as well as this week's top tech tips and more! Don't forget, you can always revisit past issues on the website, and you

Issue #115 — How to improve your email newsletters

This week you're in for a treat with tons of stories, advice and free tools about email newsletters. Plus: How to deal with trolls and what makes fake news feel true? Enjoy your weekly curated articles! We'd love to hear from you! If you're new around here (or even if

Issue #114 — Launching memberships without a large audience

This week's issue includes a brand new post on the Ghost blog, growth stories from two publishers, a free report that you'll definitely want to check out, and the inevitable eclipse of print! 💯 Top picksYou don't need a huge audience to start a membership business"For as long as you

Issue #113 — The passion economy enables a new kind of entrepreneurship

Make sure you don't miss this week's top pick about how to write data-driven stories, and the following article about the passion economy. Also included: Instagram as a search engine, the New York Times has more digital revenue than ever — and Cosmopolitan liken their pricing model to chicken nuggets... 💯 Top

Issue #112 — How publishers can make digital media pay

Last week everyone was compiling lists of the best independently run newsletters, this week it's lists of ways publishers can make money! We've included the most comprehensive list as this weeks top pick, along with all the other stories we've been reading this week. Enjoy! 💯 Top picks231 ways publishers can

Issue #111 — The ad industry keeps losing traction & dozens of journalists build their own newsletters

This issue is packed full of interesting articles and podcast episodes. The TL:DR is, the ad industry continues to lose traction, more journalists than ever are choosing an independent path and publishers are finding new ways to drive revenue using free registration walls and first-party data. Enjoy this weeks

Issue #110 — The best newsletters on the internet

This week's issue includes articles about how diversified revenue streams are benefitting publishers, membership success stories, Spotify's new video podcast feature, why Google has donated almost $40million to more than 5,600 publishers worldwide. Thanks for supporting Publisher Weekly. See you next week! 💯 Top picks80 of the best single-operator newsletters

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