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Issue #93 — Coronavirus has shown us that the news industry needs to change

Welcome to our new subscribers 👋🏼As we navigate these unprecedented times, we’ve considered whether we should pause this newsletter for a while.

Issue #92 — Major news publishers take down paywalls during times of crisis

This weeks issue covers how publishers are handling coronavirus coverage, alongside your regular weekly roundup of stories about business models, tech & journalism.

Issue #91 — Subscription strategies for publishers

Welcome back to your weekly roundup of the most important stories in independent publishing!

Issue #90 — Launching a membership program

This issue is full of actionable insights for membership businesses, including how to improve your calls to action and user retention!

Issue #89 — Patreon vs your own indie website

Welcome to the 89th issue of this newsletter - thanks for all of your support so far! Business as usual this week, with the latest stories about independent publishing, technology and modern journalism.

Issue #88 — The creators guide to membership sites

Welcome back & a warm welcome to 30+ new subscribers. Enjoy this weeks curation of stories for independent publishers about reader revenue, subscriptions and email newsletters.

Issue #87 — How to create a premium newsletter

A warm welcome to our latest subscribers (almost 1,000 now) – and a huge thank you to those of you who have been tweeting about Publisher Weekly, we’re grateful for your words of kindness ❤️

Issue #86 — How to run a sustainable membership program

Happy Sunday! This week’s issue of your latest updates in publishing is a particularly good one so make sure you grab a drink and a comfortable seat before diving in.

Issue #85 — Find out if you're ready for memberships

It’s February already, and between reading the news about Brexit and Coronavirus, we’ve pulled out the top stories and ideas in publishing for your reliable weekly roundup.

Issue #84 — How to approach free content in the subscription era

Welcome to our newest subscribers and welcome back to everyone who has been here for a while ❤️

Issue #83 — How publishers can find their super users

Can you believe we’re already 4% of the way through the year? 😱

Issue #82 — Publishers pivot to paid & newsrooms learn how to do sales

Welcome back to the second issue of 2020! Hopefully it’s been a good start of the year for you.

Issue #81 — Predictions for 2020

Happy New Year and welcome back to the first issue of 2020! We’re really excited to continue to grow and evolve this newsletter and community in the year ahead.

Issue #80 — 2019 roundup, top reads of the year!

Welcome to the last issue of Publisher Weekly in 2019! This weeks newsletter is slightly different – we’re going to round out the year with a collection of our favourite 15 articles from past issues.

Issue #79 — Everyone has more digital subscribers than ever before

Welcome back to your weekly publishing roundup. Everyone appears to be bragging about how many digital subscriptions they have this week, so below you'll find lots of evidence of publishers making new business models work for them.

Issue #78 — What 1000 true fans means for today's journalism startups

Happy Sunday everyone - thanks for tuning in for this week’s issue. This week’s top read is 🔥make sure you check that one out. In addition to that we’ve shared stories about subscriber growth, retaining subscribers & a handy user research workflow template that you can use for free.

Issue #77 — What does audience engagement really mean?

Hey everyone – welcome back to your weekly dose of stories and ideas in publishing. This weeks edition includes tips on how to improve your email newsletters, learnings from publishers with digital subscriptions and ideas for running communities.

Issue #76 — The state of subscription marketing

Welcome to all of our new subscribers, and thanks for supporting this newsletter. This weeks top stories include tips for publishers when it comes to using metrics to build a sustainable business model, engaging readers and keep them coming back and how to diversify revenue steams. Enjoy!

Issue #75 — Figuring out why to go paid

Hey 👋 welcome back to your weekly roundup of the most important stories and ideas in publishing. We've featured some interesting takes on the reasons to go paid, micro-memberships an interesting podcast and not one but two free courses. Enjoy!

Issue #74 — Paths to subscription & why people pay for news

Welcome to our newest subscribers – it’s great to have you here! ICYMI we did a special edition last week announcing membership & subscriptions at Ghost. To catch up, here’s the most important stories and ideas in independent publishing from the past two weeks. Enjoy!

Issue #73 (Special Edition) — Announcing memberships & subscriptions in Ghost

Hey there! We’re doing a special edition of the Publisher Weekly newsletter this week — it’s a little different.

Issue #72 — How much revenue thousands of indie creators make each month

This week, your summary of the biggest ideas in publishing is packed full of interesting stories and resources about curating email newsletters, reader loyalty, how to foster a culture of listening and much more!

Issue #71 — How much money can be made with premium newsletters

The biggest stories in digital publishing this week include behind-the-scenes insights from independent publishers, understanding the unit economics of content and a toolkit for keeping your digital presence safe and sane, plus much more!

Issue #70 — Site performance matters for publishers who want healthy conversions

Welcome back 👋 This weeks issue features tips for publishers about site performance, new research about audience engagement, peer support initiatives for journalism and more. Enjoy! 💯 Top picksSlow sites have a negative impact on revenue: Why publishers opt for faster, leaner websitesHaving solid site performance is increasingly important for bringing organic

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Anders Norén
Received a good first issue of the Publisher Weekly newsletter from @TryGhost to read with my morning coffee. I recommend you give it a try:
5:07 AM - 4 Jun 2018
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Andy McIlwain
Publisher Weekly - Issue #29… via @revue (Further props to @TryGhost for the newsletter. 90% of the curated stories make their way into my Pocket list. 👍)
5:42 PM - 16 Dec 2018 from Toronto, Ontario
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Jijo Sunny
Thanks for the votes! I recommend this newsletter by @TryGhost (@JohnONolan) for thoughtful takes on publishing, subscription biz and future of creators:
4:38 PM - 8 Jul 2018
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