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Issue #170 — How to unbundle your way to an audience

In this edition of Publisher Weekly, find the best newsletter directories for your publication, learn why consistency trumps strategy, and take a look at how unbundling is changing how we think about business.

Issue #169 — Why being different will only become more valuable

In this edition of Publisher Weekly, discover proven ways to reach your first 1000 subscribers, uncover the most common pitfalls every writer should avoid, and learn why publishers are betting big on robot journalism.

Issue #168 — What is the ladder method to growth?

In this edition of Publisher Weekly, discover how to build momentum with your circles of influence, see how a new bill could boost local journalism, and learn what skills separate professional writers from amateurs.

Issue #167 — The most important part of your business is invisible

In this week's edition of Publisher weekly, see what a professional tech stack looks like, discover the 4-p marketing model, and learn how the newsletter network effect can help you expand your readership.

Issue #166 — To win big in publishing, start small

In this week's issue of Publisher Weekly, learn how to start a local newsletter, peek at how a 40,000 subscribers publication got its start, and discover why book authors are moving online.

Issue #165 — Is trying to be original hurting your growth?

In this edition of Publisher Weekly, learn the process for building a vibrant online community, see why serialized books might be the next publishing trend, and discover how Linkedin is changing to support creators.

Issue #164 — Why action is the answer to your publishing roadblocks

In this week's issue of Publisher Weekly, collect formatting tips to help your ideas stand out, learn why honesty is still the best policy, and see how action-oriented creators are coming out on top.

Issue #163 — Why adaptable publishers keep winning

In the latest edition of Publisher Weekly, find a detailed guide to hiring a designer for your website, read about the advantages of mobile-first newsrooms, and see why those who adapt keep coming out ahead of the competition.

Issue #162 — How to measure the metrics that matter

In this week's issue of Publisher Weekly, learn what subscription business metrics matter most, how multiple products can expand your revenue, and why metaverses are the future of the internet.

Issue #161 — The competitive advantage of long tail thinking for publishers

In this issue of Publisher Weekly, learn how to leverage SEO for your membership, uncover why you might need to rethink your pricing, and see how slow journalism is changing the industry.

Issue #160 — How incentives can make or break your publishing business

In this edition, see how TikTok can supplement your content strategy, revisit proven marketing tactics for publishers, and learn what the future of fiction could look like.

Issue #159 — Why publishers should challenge their industry assumptions

In this issue of Publisher Weekly, learn how to build trust with your audience, discover the AI research tool of the future, and see how pop-up newsletters might work for you.

Issue #158 — Why size doesn't matter for strategic publishers

The latest issue offers a step-by-step process for landing your first newsletter sponsor, a template for communicating your unique value, and tips for leveraging social media effectively.

Issue #157 — Why you should monetize your content directly

This edition is dedicated to sharing stories and ideas about what you need to succeed in the creator economy landscape, from picking the right business model and platform to writing the best headlines.

Issue #156 — How to treat your publication like a business

This week's edition introduces the concept of content repurposing, offers a summary of the latest Digital News Report, and identifies the most common marketing mistake new publishers fall into.

Issue #155 — How to turn discovery into profit

In this issue, discover how landing pages can accelerate newsletter growth, why TikTok might be an untapped resource for publishers, and what's behind local news's resurgence.

Issue #154 — Why slow and steady wins in publishing

This week's edition includes tips on using lead magnets, a look at how social media companies are becoming creator-focused, and answers why sustainability is a superpower.

Issue #153 — Why consistency is a publisher's secret weapon

In this week's issue, learn how to produce consistent quality using the right tools, why established media is copying smaller publishers, and whether or not MAPs are right for you.

Issue #152 — How new monetization models are transforming publishing

This week's edition includes actionable tips for beginning as a creator, examples of how publishers are starting to think differently about monetization, and a reminder of why sustainable businesses win.

Issue #151 — How to innovate your way to a profitable newsletter

In this issue, uncover the monetization methods creators use to fund their work, improve your newsletter with tips from an expert, and peek at the newest publishing technologies.

Issue #150 — How to convert more readers into paying subscribers

This week learn the conversion tactics used by successful writers, why a great product is the best growth hack, and how print still fits into the modern publishing landscape.

Issue #149 — Why simplicity is the key to growth

This week's newsletter discusses newsletter types, successful case studies, the evolving audio landscape, and tips for keeping your growing publication uncomplicated.

Issue #148 — Do solo creators have an advantage?

This week's edition examines the rise of independent creators, continued change in the podcasting landscape, and actionable advice for succeeding in the passion economy.

Issue #147 — Should publishers start a podcast?

This issue takes a look at different mediums in the publishing space, such as Apple's premium podcasts, TikTok businesses, and media innovation occurring across the industry.

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Anders Norén
Received a good first issue of the Publisher Weekly newsletter from @TryGhost to read with my morning coffee. I recommend you give it a try:
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Andy McIlwain
Publisher Weekly - Issue #29… via @revue (Further props to @TryGhost for the newsletter. 90% of the curated stories make their way into my Pocket list. 👍)
5:42 PM - 16 Dec 2018 from Toronto, Ontario
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Thanks for the votes! I recommend this newsletter by @TryGhost (@JohnONolan) for thoughtful takes on publishing, subscription biz and future of creators:
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