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Issue #149 — Why simplicity is the key to growth

This week's newsletter discusses newsletter types, successful case studies, the evolving audio landscape, and tips for keeping your growing publication uncomplicated.

Issue #148 — Do solo creators have an advantage?

This week's edition examines the rise of independent creators, continued change in the podcasting landscape, and actionable advice for succeeding in the passion economy.

Issue #147 — Should publishers start a podcast?

This issue takes a look at different mediums in the publishing space, such as Apple's premium podcasts, TikTok businesses, and media innovation occurring across the industry.

Issue #146 — What publishers can learn from content creators

This issue focuses on how publishers can act more like content creators to take advantage of new platforms, growth channels, and monetization options to reach their goals.

Issue #145 — How to experiment with your newsletter pricing

From pricing experimentation to new ways to monetize email newsletters, this issue contains some of the most exciting things happening in publishing this week.

Issue #144 — How to get your first 1,000 subscribers

In this issue, we highlight a few core principles, such as leveraging relationships to grow, committing to transparency to build trust, and the importance of always leaving room for experimentation in your strategy.

Issue #143 — How to find your newsletter audience

This week we cover a range of actionable topics centered around sharing and marketing your written creations. Below are links to articles about pricing, rewarding your subscribers, overcoming growth slumps, and much more.

Issue #142 (Special Edition) – Tools to turn your audience into a business

This special edition covers the launch of Ghost 4.0. This update brings native memberships and subscriptions, a dashboard, a collection of themes, a new $9 starter plan, and more.

Issue #141 — Are independent newsletters killing journalism?

This week we take a look at how newsletters, big and small, keep the lights on, why "zombie" subscribers aren't necessarily a bad thing, and whether the future will be kind to the email newsletter format.

Issue #140 — The proven way to find your niche, explained

There's lots of genuinely useful things to read in this issue, including a guide for how to find a profitable niche, takeaways about how successful startups acheive content-driven growth and a deeper look at how the creator economy is just getting started. Plus: A couple of important Google updates.

Issue #139 — Find out how to convert visitors into subscribers

In this weeks roundup: Learn how to improve your conversion copy, re-engaged lost subscribers, price newsletter sponsorships and improve your newsletters. Plus the latest top news stories!

Issue #138 — Email deliverability unfiltered

It's time for your weekly picks of the most important stories in publishing. Get your latest tips, downloads & insights about email newsletters, business models, and tech right here — and don't forget, you can submit an article to be included in a future issue.

Issue #137 — How much content is too much content?

Have you seen our submission page? This is where you can submit a story to be shared in a future issue of this newsletter. We can't wait to hear from you!

Issue #136 — How to build a sustainable newsletter growth machine

We've made a few small tweaks to the usual layout this week to make things a little more relevant. You can still get your weekly dose of the top stories about publishing, newsletters and technology below.

Issue #135 — The future of email

The latest news about all things publishing, newsletters and tech is here, including an essay, a podcast & a webinar. Enjoy! Webinar: The future of email "Join marketing experts from emfluence, Email on Acid, and Women of Email as we discuss the history of our favorite form of communication!...

Issue #134 — Real newsletter growth tactics inside

Your weekly curation of news about independent publishing below includes a lot of growth tips that you're not going to want to miss, including how to grow your email list, increase revenue, attract sponsors and what time you should deliver emails. Enjoy! 💸 Business models[Podcast] Growing a newsletter to 1+

Issue #133 — The year of the subscription (again)

Newsflash, it is the year of the subscription. Wait, wasn't that last year too? Either way, that's what everyone is talking about this week after Reuter's published their latest report. Plus: Find out how to get 10k subscribers in a month, how to use exclusive stories to drive growth and

Issue #132 — New models for media in 2021

Happy New Year! We're kicking off your regularly scheduled curation of publishing news today. It's the first working week of the year, so in this round-up you can expect lots of 2021 predictions and strategy highlights. Plus: useful tips for SEO & affiliate marketing. Enjoy! 💯 Top picks10 things public media

Issue #131 — The movement for open subscription platforms

The final newsletter of 2020 includes a new movement for open subscription platforms, Rafat Ali writes about the importance owning your stack — plus, more roundup articles about 2020 and predictions for next year! We're taking a short break for a few weeks and we'll return in 2021 for your regular

Issue #130 — A glance back at the year we will all remember

It's here, you knew it was coming — the time of year when everyone does a roundup of the past year and predictions for the year that follows. There's a lot to unpack, so we'll be sharing the highlights in the next couple of newsletters. How has this year impacted your

Issue #129 — Enter the multi-SKU creator

The big question in this issue: Should writers create more than one product? Having multiple revenue streams is definitely attractive, but is it better to double-down your efforts, or create multiple products? Let us know your thoughts. 💯 Top picksWhy a paid newsletter won't be enough money for most writersEven if

Issue #128 — Optimising the subscription lifecycle

After speaking to people who create content professionally — we kept hearing that it would be beneficial to have a place to share ideas, tips and stories about running email newsletters, and building content-based businesses. So, we recently launched a brand new community for exactly that and there's already some great

Issue #127 — How to grow a newsletter & join the rise of the media artisan

There were lots of great pickings for this week's round up. Hopefully it provides a relaxed and productive way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Penny for your thoughts? Which articles do you find the most useful? We'd love to hear your feedback. Admittedly there won't be an exchange of pennies,

Issue #126 — There's never been a better time to transform publishing

It's Sunday again, which means it's time for your weekly dose of the best reads about publishing. Included: a free ebook, how Morning Brew grow their subscribers, how to create extraordinary podcasts and more. Plese enjoy, feel free to share, and hit reply to chat with us! 💯 Top picksPublishers can

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Received a good first issue of the Publisher Weekly newsletter from @TryGhost to read with my morning coffee. I recommend you give it a try:
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Publisher Weekly - Issue #29… via @revue (Further props to @TryGhost for the newsletter. 90% of the curated stories make their way into my Pocket list. 👍)
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